Over the next three years, NGSIS will continue to deliver improvements in five strategic ‘priority’ areas: 

Academic and Life Experience

Expand on-line services for students to more effectively plan their academic and life experiences.

Create processes that invite students to focus efforts on planning and decision-making, not the technicalities of completing their degree. Empower students to make informed decisions across their lives at U of T by consolidating on-line services where possible, connecting students with academic and student life opportunities, and personalizing and tailoring the student experience through NGSIS products.


Student Records

Streamline and enhance the collection, maintenance, and communication of student information.

Provide reliable, personalized services which collect and maintain essential information to meet Ministry, policy, and legal requirements. Streamline disparate administrative systems which cross departmental units to allow administrators to provide personal, academic and financial advising across the student life cycle.  Improve overall effectiveness of student communication to recruit prospective students, retain and encourage current students, keep staff informed, and engage alumni.


Student Finances

Using modern technologies, deliver easy-to-use financial services for students.

Implement better on-line financial service options which deliver services using evolving technology platforms that students use (mobile, on-line payment options, consolidated invoice, etc.). Introduce more efficient ways to operationalize student accounting policies and processes including student fee billing and refunding, fee deferral and payment, fee collection, third party sponsorships, tax receipts, recording fee revenue and award expenditures.


Curriculum Design and Development

Integrate academic learning with personal development through innovative curriculum design.

Provide a new Curriculum Management (CM) system that can serve as the single source of courses and programs at the University. Improve ways for students to integrate their academic learning with their personal and professional development by supporting students in making transitions – from entering university to launching themselves into life after U of T.  Ensure that applied learning opportunities for credit and not-for-credit are easier to identify allowing students to acquire skills across a continuum of opportunities. Develop a central database of student research and other experiential learning and of co-curricular learning opportunities in support of this goal.


Planning & Analytics

Enhance our capacity for evidence-based decision making.

Enhance capacity for evidence-based decision-making through improved access to high quality information and the expanded use of business intelligence and reporting tools. Provide linkages and further institutional insight into related areas such as curriculum design, pedagogy, and academic supports to positively impact student outcomes.