Navigating the Twilight Zone: A futuristic view into Bi-Modal IT as relevant to Higher Education

Part I: In this two part series, NGSIS’ project manager, Vikram Chadalawada, discusses the new Gartner project management and governance model and how it applies to the NGSIS program The big questions that always tend to linger within mature organizations are, “Now that we are here, what’s next? And how can we keep up with … Continue reading “Navigating the Twilight Zone: A futuristic view into Bi-Modal IT as relevant to Higher Education”

Staff Profile: Andre Kalamandeen

As part of an ongoing series, we’ve reached out to contributing members of the NGSIS program and asked them to share some insights into their current involvement, career path, areas of professional expertise and personal interests that they bring to NGSIS projects. Name: Andre Kalamandeen Role: Intermediate Java Developer Current Project: ACORN. There’s still a … Continue reading “Staff Profile: Andre Kalamandeen”

Changing of the Guard- Communicating ACORN to the University

In just a few short weeks, students at the University of Toronto will be introduced to ACORN, the Accessible Campus Online Resource Network. For students, ACORN will replace the existing ROSI Student Web Service (SWS). ACORN will provide a more convenient, personalized and guided experience for students using U of T’s online services. Given the … Continue reading “Changing of the Guard- Communicating ACORN to the University”

NGSIS Impact Report: Business Intelligence

In the Fall of 2014, program director Cathy Eberts commissioned the development of a report examining the strategic impact of the NGSIS Program at the University of Toronto. The intention of the report was primarily to collect anecdotal and statistical feedback from key stakeholders representing the five strategic areas (student life, student accounts, registration & curriculum … Continue reading “NGSIS Impact Report: Business Intelligence”

ROSI reborn as ACORN – From UTM’s The Medium

As we near the intended launch of ACORN later this spring interest from student newspapers has been increasing. Starting in November, we had our first ACORN related article in The Varsity, and this week UTM’s The Medium has published a great overview of ACORN and its current status. The most recent article highlights the key features that will … Continue reading “ROSI reborn as ACORN – From UTM’s The Medium”

Introducing ACORN to Students

As we near the release date for ACORN we’ve put together a student focused ‘Introducing ACORN’ website to help raise awareness of the new system for students. In addition to alerting students that big changes are coming, we will provide a brief walkthrough of how students have been instrumental in the project through our user centred approach, … Continue reading “Introducing ACORN to Students”

Project updates and a look ahead

The end of 2014 was productive for NGSIS as we released two key updates prior to the holiday break: Transfer Explorer In collaboration with the Centre for International Experience, we enhanced Transfer Explorer to include courses taken while on exchange. Transfer Explorer now shows student users and student services staff how courses taken abroad will … Continue reading “Project updates and a look ahead”