The Accessible Campus Online Resource Network (ACORN) is the new student information service at U of T. New features in ACORN include an enrolment cart, an enhanced autocomplete course search and easier access to information on student life, finances and awards.

Degree Explorer

Degree Explorer is the University of Toronto’s degree planning tool. Review your academic history, degree requirements or use the planner to determine how future course choices might meet your requirements.

Course Information System

The Course Information System is a new system under development that provides convenient online services to support course administration for instructors, departments and faculty offices. The system allows instructors to create syllabus components as well as submit final exams for approval and printing.

Curriculum Management

CM is the first module developed by Kuali Student. This cloud based application allows divisions to propose, change and retire courses and programs using divisional specific governance processes.

Curriculum Publisher

Curriculum Publisher is a web based application that links to Curriculum Management and provides divisions with a convenient tool to manage and publish on-line calendar information.

Safety Abroad

Safety Abroad tracks students’ placements abroad along with their emergency contact information, allowing them to safely expand their horizons and deepen global engagement. If a country’s risk level increases, the application helps staff quickly identify where students are located in a country, state or municipality and provides up-to-date contact information.

Kuali Student

Kuali Student (KS) is a community-source, next-generation information system being developed by a consortium of higher education institutions. U of T is actively participating in this effort as part of the KS development team – specifically the development of a new Curriculum Management system and Enrolment Module for ROSI).

Timetable Builder

The Timetable Builder, piloted at UTSC, allows students to create and optimize their personal course schedule. This application automatically generates a visual course timetable based on time preferences and blocks off time to accommodate part-time jobs and other commitments. Students can also share their timetable with others.

Financial Planning Calculator

The Financial Planning Calculator helps students to quickly predict how much it will cost to live in Toronto, and is highly customizable for each individual depending on their program, year of study, residency status and campus.

GPA Calculator

The GPA Calculator allows all students to calculate their sessional, cumulative and annual GPAs. The application also recommends resources, including academic advising, writing centres, workshops and career advising.


This is the place to apply for on-campus housing – whether you are first-year or returning, undergraduate or graduate student; single or with a family; located on the U of T St. George, Scarborough or Mississauga campus.

Transfer Explorer

Transfer Explorer is U of T’s transfer planning tool. Check the eligibility of course credits taken at other institutions (or other University of Toronto divisions) for transfer to (or within) the University of Toronto.

Course Finder

Course Finder is U of T’s official publicly available list of undergraduate courses for the Faculty of Arts & Science – St. George campus, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, University of Toronto Mississauga and University of Toronto Scarborough.

Co-Curricular Record

Build your experience. Tell your story. Successful students get involved! Search involvement opportunities available and record the skills you’ve acquired on your Co-Curricular Record (CCR).


Student Housing management software implemented for 12 residences across the three University of Toronto campuses.

NGSIS Planning and Analytics

IBM’s Cognos business intelligence (BI) software suite has been selected to support institutional planning and analysis activities for the university. The software is designed to enable business users to extract institutional data, analyze it and assemble reports.


A user friendly and convenient web application for grades submission for faculty at the University of Toronto.

Varsity Blues

The Varsity Blues Registration System (VBRS) tool ensures athletes and teams meet eligibility requirements for competition. Staff members can quickly check a student’s academic standing and track athletic honours and awards.

Exam Invigilator

The new exam invigilator application allows an exam overseer to validate a student’s TCard and photo using a tablet application. The application provides real-time data exchange and integration with ROSI as well as U of T’s central photo database.