Academic and Life Experience

StarRez Enhancements

Extending the functionality of the StarRez tool to include Trinity and develop a new demographic interface.


Student Records

Safety Abroad

A new centrally supported application to track student placements abroad

ROSI Operations

Implementation of ROSI enhancements based on priorities set by the ROSI Change Advisory Board.


Student Finances

Net Tuition Billing

This project will fulfill a government regulation requiring Net Billing

Awards Management Module

A new student awards module which provides a single source of information for students on potential sources of financial aid.


Curriculum Design and Development

Curriculum Management

A cloud-based solution which will act as an inventory for courses and programs at the University of Toronto.

Course Information System

A centrally supported course information system which allows for the collection and dissemination of pedagogical information integrated with key administrative processes and systems at the University.


Planning and Analytics

Career Centre Reporting

Implement an easy to use calendar tool which can manage and publish web based curricular materials.


NGSIS Architecture

NGSIS Architecture

The conversion of ROSI code to Java and the implementation of a new hardware infrastructure.