Improvements to the ACORN online student services platform.

ACORN Enhancements

Improvements to the ACORN online student services platform.

The Accessible Campus Online Resource Network (ACORN) is the new student information service at U of T. For students, ACORN is in the process of replacing the existing ROSI Student Web Service (SWS). New features in ACORN include an enrolment cart, an enhanced autocomplete course search and easier access to information on student life, finances and awards. ACORN was delivered to students in June, 2015.

The tool has been popular with students, particularly first year students. With both the old ROSI Student Web Service and ACORN available, first year students overwhelmingly chose to use ACORN.

In our second year, our analytics demonstrated that 75% of student registrations were done using the ACORN service versus the still-active ROSI Student Web Service.

We have also received positive feedback on the tool from student news publications.
Since the launch of ACORN, we have been working to continually enhance the system as evidenced by the almost thirty production releases in the first year of its existence.

Current Objectives

  • Audit ACORN and achieve AODA compliance (WCAG AA)
  • Audit ACORN/ROSI-SWS performance and implement improvements.
  • Offer PDF Academic Transcript Delivery Service for Enrolment.
  • Implement enhanced analytics in ACORN across functional areas
  • Improve and personalize notifications system in ACORN
  • Offer a “Next Steps Planner” in ACORN with prompts of upcoming activities/registrations specific to Year and Program
  • Provide a staff view of the student interface to assist with student advising.
  • Introduce a timetable generator to help students craft an optimized course timetable.
  • Implement downloadable PDF for Confirmation of Enrolment.