Enhance Student Planner performance and incorporate new features.

Degree Explorer Enhancements

This project will enhance DE’s Student Planner performance and incorporate new features.

Degree Explorer is a student and staff tool which can be used to plan and assess a unique students degree and program. The tool has different functions, depending on whether it is used by a student or staff member.


A student has access to three main features: Current Status, Academic History and a Planner. Degree Explorer allows students to visualize their academic trajectory in a way that was previously only possible with great amounts of paper and perspiration. More information on student features can be found here.


Administrators also have their own unique view of the tool that permits them to quickly and easily ensure that a student meets prerequisites in order to take a class, or to confirm whether students have satisfied all requirements for their degree and programs in order to graduate. It works as a notification system informing students of their confirmation of program completion. It even has the ability to track exceptions made for individual students over the course of their degree and apply them correctly to requirements. More information on staff features can be found here.

Current Objectives

  • Introduce Degree Explorer to Graduate Students at the iSchool and Mechanical Engineering.
  • Rewrite Degree Explorer in Angular JS.
  • Enhance Degree Explorer by integrating it with Curriculum Management.
  • Develop Web Services for Engineering.
  • Complete work on the redevelopment of the Student Planner.