This project will fulfill a government regulation requiring Net Billing

Net Tuition Billing

Providing ‘net tuition’ for student applicants will soon be a provincial requirement

The Ontario provincial government will soon require institutions to provide a “net tuition” estimate to first-entry students.

“Net tuition” is applying students OSAP aid and institutional aid, if applicable, against their tuition fees and billing them only for the remaining amount.

OSAP will offer prospective students a new tool to determine the amount of grants and loans they could be eligible for under OSAP in the 2017-18 academic year.

In January 2017, we will work with Enrolment Services to document the current process and meet with the ministry to discuss requirements and create a development plan.

The anticipated target for “Net Tuition Billing” invoice is July 2018.

Current Objectives

  • Net offers to students are required starting December 2017 for the following 2018/19 Academic year.
  • System changes will be required to improve the accuracy of incoming OSAP Ministry data as well as application of these amounts to the student account, and a new invoice format to display net tuition.
  • Full invoice compliance is required by July 2018.
  • Revamp ROSI Cost Code Tables and develop an OSAP database in DB2 to enable more efficient and earlier reconciliation of OSAP data with ROSI registration data.