This project will explore the use of an ad hoc reporting tool for ROSI divisional users.

Course Evaluation Phase 2

This project will support the analysis of divisional-level course evaluation results.

Our Business Intelligence Team works with stakeholders to create ‘user stories’, short and straightforward descriptions of something a user wants to see as a feature of a system.

We are working to create a 360° view of the student lifecycle, drawing on data from the Ontario Market Share, Admissions, Course and Program Enrolment, Program Insight & Performance, Retention Analysis and Student Success.

‘Course Evaluation Phase 2’ is an expansion of the current course evaluation project to include divisional question sets.

For example: “As a member of the Dean’s office, we want to to know the relationship between class size and evaluation results.”

Current Objectives

  • Support analysis of institutional and divisional level course evaluation results in conjunction with student performance and other indicators.