A new centrally supported application to track student placements abroad

Safety Abroad

Studying Abroad pays dividends

Studying abroad can be one of the most fulfilling experiences a student can have in the course of their academic career. Learning a new language or experiencing a different lifestyle or culture is an eye-opening, life changing experience. 

The role of the University is to facilitate these experiences and to remain a home-base for students and above all, ensure the student is safe. 

Student safety is paramount

Student Life and the Centre for International Experience (CIE) has a tri-campus mandate to ensure that they are aware of every student travelling on University business or attached to a U of T activity and are trained and registered in the Safety Abroad database so that in the event of a global crisis CIE can be in communication with students abroad to ensure their safety and, if necessary, ensure their extraction from the country.

As the CIE looks to expand opportunities, it is critical that an easy-to- access database be developed which encourages usage by the maximum number of students travelling abroad.

With the number of students travelling abroad increasing, it is necessary for CIE staff to develop a new process to better handle student registrations.

NGSIS and Student Life have collaborated to develop a new streamlined process for students with the Safety Abroad application.

NGSIS is working closely with the office of Student Life to develop new centrally supported application for the University to track student placements abroad along with emergency contact information. The application will replace a legacy application in Student Life and will eventually be integrated with ACORN.

Current Objectives

  • Initial Release (Pilot) – May 2017
  • Further Administrative Functionality – Fall 2017