An Awakening


I’ve just returned to NGSIS after a three month leave and feel a lot like Rip Van Winkel coming down from the mountains. So much has changed, so much has grown and developed in my absence.  Today, I got a demonstration of our new ACORN platform.


Everything about this new tool, from the look & feel, to the functionality, to the sheer scope of information being unified on a single page is just breathtaking. I’ve worked here for several years and am well aware that many of these huge aspects of being a student- like registration, course planning, co-curriculars, paying tuition- are separate departments, led by different teams of people. The student of course sees none of this… and why should they need to? With this new ACORN platform, everything is there on one single, beautiful page.

As Piras and Mike were showing me how enrolment functioned in ACORN, my pupils started to dilate at the possibilities. This approach, which emphasized student planning and preparation, seems like it could be nothing short of revolutionary. The University will be able to use all of this information to plan for the popularity of courses well in advance of the registration crush.

My impression, upon awakening from a three month sleep, is that ACORN is going to make enormous waves at this institution when it is released!