NGSIS Impact Report: Business Intelligence

In the Fall of 2014, program director Cathy Eberts commissioned the development of a report examining the strategic impact of the NGSIS Program at the University of Toronto. The intention of the report was primarily to collect anecdotal and statistical feedback from key stakeholders representing the five strategic areas (student life, student accounts, registration & curriculum management, business intelligence and technical infrastructure) and create a “big picture” for the program sponsors.

The writer and designer of the NGSIS Impact Report was Andy Torr (Special Projects Officer, Strategic Initiatives). A gifted interviewer and writer, Andy was highly successful at connecting the divisional business case to the work being done by NGSIS to support staff, students and faculty. Andy worked in collaboration with Donald Boere (Vice-Principal, Innis College), who served as an editor on the report and joined Andy throughout the interview process.

The NGSIS Program is proud of what Andy & Donald were able to achieve with the report and believe it presents a strong case for the continuation of the NGSIS program in years to come.

Today, we offer a sneak peek of the report with an excerpt from the section on Business Intelligence.

You can view that article here.