NGSIS shines at Excellence Through Innovation Program (ETIA) Awards

The Excellence Though Innovation Award program recognizes the contributions of administrative staff in advancing the University’s strategic objectives, encouraging administrative innovation and providing a platform for sharing best practices.

This program is an excellent way to “identify and celebrate improved practices within every area of our work” and to let the employees know that their contributions are important.

This year, two projects were selected which included NGSIS staff, the T Card Student Photo Project and the ACORN project , one of the flagship NGSIS projects.

The T Card Student Photo project enables the photo of a student stored in the T Card database to be reused in a suite of new validation applications, including our new exam invigilator and residence tools.
NGSIS Architect Frank Boshoff and EASI staff Walter Ni and David Lock each played important roles in the project.

We’ve written about the ACORN project before . This was a massive undertaking and was the product of the collective efforts of NGSIS/EASI staff Hossein Aliabadi, Michael Clark, Miki Harmath, Mark Johnston, Andre Kalamandeen, Michael Wyers, David Lock, Mezba Mahtab, Michael O’Cleirigh, Haroon Rafique, Petru Sugar, Laurel Williams, Zoe Wong, and Terry Lago, amongst others.

Congratulations to everyone involved in these two projects!