Curriculum Management

Curriculum Management (CM)

Curriculum Management was the first product to be delivered through our partnership with Kuali Inc.

The product allows divisions to create, maintain and retire courses and programs using customized divisional governance processes, and in tandem, allows NGSIS to create a central repository of courses and programs for U of T.

In 2016, CM was successfully rolled out to the Faculty of Arts & Science, University of Toronto Scarborough and John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design. The Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education is implementing CM for the 2018-19 governance cycle. We are currently in discussions with five divisions about implementing CM in the Fall 2019/Winter 2020.

Over 2017-18, the team automated many of the committee governance reports. Divisional users are now able to generate reports for governance committee meetings and post-approval registrarial processes, as well as to identify missing or problematic CM data. The team has also developed an extract process for the transfer of course/program data from CM to Curriculum Publisher (CP).

Functional improvements already implemented for the 2018-19 governance cycle include an improved activity log, and the ability to submit revisions and corrections. A more flexible workflow tool will be implemented for the next governance cycle.

Curriculum Publisher (CP)

CP is a U of T developed content management website that optionally interfaces with Kuali CM, allowing divisions to publish a public facing calendar copy of their curriculum.

Curriculum Publisher sites are now in place for Arts & Science, UTSC, SGS, Daniels Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Medicine MD program.

The Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education is implementing CP for the 2018-19 governance cycle.

Maintenance of these sites is ongoing, and additional divisions will be added as CM continues to roll out.