ROSI Core Module Improvements

Large projects are underway to transform the backend modules of ROSI, allowing the University to respond effectively to the demand for new services both within U of T and from the province and external agencies. In 2018, the team completed the implementation of the provincially mandated net tuition billing program. In 2019-20, the focus will be on the implementation of a new Financial Aid and Awards module and the Student Choice Initiative, and further development of a new course and program enrolment module through our partnership with Kuali Inc.

Financial Aid & Awards

(Vendor Implementation – Summer 2019)
Improved awards handling has been cited as a high priority project for NGSIS by both students and administrators. An ideal solution would proactively identify financial aid and award opportunities for students, improve alignment of funding with donor agreements, maximize funding resources, and avoid overpayment to students due to a lack of co-ordination and information sharing.

Following the completion of a formal RFP process, and consultation with a cross-functional user group at the University, a vendor has now been selected and work is underway to finalize the contract. Implementation will be broken into a number of phases over the next three years:

  1. Implementation of a new consolidated “read-only” inventory of awards which is searchable and accessible to the public (Summer 2019).
  2. Implementation of new processes allowing for students to apply online along with automated matching routines which proactively match students to award opportunities (Winter 2020).
  3. Integration of the new financial aid and awards module with our financial information systems (2020).

Student Choice Initiative

(July 2018)
The University is currently reviewing its ancillary fees and identifying those that are not considered mandatory in accordance with a recent provincial government mandate. This initiative has far reaching impacts within our ROSI and financial systems and will affect a number of business processes and organizations right across the University. EASI is working closely with the Vice Provost of Students to ensure that students can opt out of non-essential tuition fees for 2019 Fall Winter Academic session.

OSAP & Net Tuition

(July 2018)
Changes to ROSI and ACORN have been implemented to meet new requirements mandated by the province to improve tuition billing processes. As of August 2018, the University has been accepting and processing OSAP student payments directly from the province, and, along with identified institutional aid, applying these amounts directly to the student’s account in advance of required tuition payments.

The implementation of the Net Cost View Statement (tuition, compulsory fees and residence, less OSAP funding) within the financial section of ACORN was part of this project and was completed in mid August.

Kuali Enrolment

NGSIS has been working with the Kuali Inc. development team to create a cloud-based student system capable of managing U of T registration requirements. The scope of development includes course offerings, program offerings, course and program registration and some aspects of academic record.

Kuali is currently evaluating options to accelerate development of this module through a new capital investment proposal which would significantly boost project resources, broaden the participation of partner institutions, and lessen the burden on U of T to contribute resources to the project.  The NGSIS Executive Sponsor Committee is currently evaluating the benefits of this new model in relationship to the needs of the NGSIS stakeholder community and new estimated timelines for delivery.