Service Innovation

At the core of NGSIS is service innovation, resulting in new applications that consolidate online services for faculty, staff and students, simplify operations, and empower students to make informed decisions across their lives at U of T. New and improved web applications delivered or underway by the NGSIS team include the following:

Projects Underway

Option for PDF Version of Academic Transcript

(Spring 2019)
This new service will be developed within ACORN to allow for quick and convenient access to an official electronic PDF version of the transcript for students. The solution is tied to the selection of an external vendor (RFP) who will securely distribute the transcript to the recipient from ACORN.

Convocation E-Ticketing Phase II

(Spring 2019)
Further improvements to the Convocation system are expected to offer enhanced ticketing functionality. This includes the ability to display a list of graduation records belonging to a student by entering a student number or surname, and the ability to print initials within a graduate’s name on a diploma, President’s letter, label and graduation letter.

Convocation Diploma Replacement Phase II

(Spring 2019)
The next phase of Diploma Replacement will add new functionality within ROSI Express to record the history of all reprint requests processed by the Convocation Office.

Timetable Builder Expansion

(Fall 2020)
The ACORN Timetable Builder will allow students to craft and optimize their course schedule. After a successful pilot at UTSC, this service will be enhanced and released more broadly across the University to students in additional divisions. Improvements to the Timetable Builder will include functionality from Course Finder, allowing for the subsequent retirement of this product. Timetable Builder will become the new and improved Course Finder.

Sun-Setting Online Calendar

(Winter 2020)
The Online Calendar (OLC) application will be retired by implementing Curriculum Publisher (specialized web CMS for calendar production) for the remaining divisions currently using OLC. This may also require the implementation of Kuali Curriculum Management as necessary for these divisions.

Transfer Explorer / Transfer Navigator Replacement

This initiative will explore and recommend options to replace the existing vendor-based application and database engine. Formal project kickoff will commence following product recommendation.

Exam Invigilation Application

The exam invigilation application allows an exam invigilator to validate a student’s TCard and photo ID using a tablet application. The application provides real-time data exchange and integration with ROSI as well as U of T’s central photo database. The University of Toronto Scarborough and the Faculty of Arts & Science will continue to pilot this application over 2019.

Curriculum Management Integration

(Rules Integration 2020)
This integration will allow Degree Explorer (DE) to view text-based rules stored within Curriculum Management in order to ease the burden of translating these rules into the codified rules builder in DE. Further work is required to determine the best location for future CM, enrolment and DE rules. Opportunities to use Machine Learning (ML) to ease the burden of manual rules translation between products will be considered.


NGSIS is continually focused on accessibility and implementing improvements to ensure full AODA compliance (WCAG Level AA) for all applications. Most recently, Degree Explorer became AODA compliant in Summer 2019.

Completed Projects

ROSI – Student Web Services Sunsetting

(Complete – February 2018)
In February 2018, ACORN became U of T’s single student web service. ROSI-SWS was revised to become “ROSI Alumni Transcripts” with reduced functionality to facilitate transcript requests and PIN resets. Reports and JOINid/early UTORid processes were extended to ensure that all newly admitted students have access to ACORN in time for course selection and fee payment.

Safety Abroad

(Complete – February 2018)
This new, centrally supported application replaced a legacy application in Student Life. Safety Abroad tracks student placements abroad along with their emergency contact information, allowing them to safely expand their horizons and deepen global engagement. If a country’s risk level increases, according to Global Affairs Canada (GAC), the application helps staff quickly identify where students are located in a country, state or municipality and provides up-to-date contact information. Future enhancements will include more advanced communications and emergency response functionality while abroad.

Convocation Diploma Replacement Phase I

(Complete – March 2018)
Convocation Diploma Replacement is a new function of ROSI Express for the Office of Convocation staff. It provides a single system for printing and replacement printing of all diplomas, degrees and certificates. It also eliminates the maintenance of an external system, duplication of work, and ensures faster production and increased quality control of diplomas.

Degree Explorer (DE) Administrative Interface

(Complete – August 2018)
A rewrite of the current Degree Explorer Administrative interface has enhanced performance and maintainability and allows administrators to monitor students’ academic records and progress towards graduation. Additional enhancements include Course Management integration and improved functionality for the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering users.

Global U

(Complete –  September 2018)
The Global Scholars program is a University-wide initiative to encourage and support students in the inclusion of international elements in their academic program. Undergraduate divisions now have the opportunity to develop Type 2 Certificates recognizing curricular activity in support of this program.

Online Admissions Deposits

(Complete – December 2018)
This new ACORN feature has been deemed a priority for the institution and will automate the admission deposits process, making it available to more divisions as an enrolment management tool and allowing students to use credit cards for payment.