Staff Profile: Meet Gerald Lindo

Name: Gerald Lindo
Job Title: NGSIS Project Manager

Working On:

-Project Managing for Safety Abroad and CM/Calendar: Working with stakeholders to create an adaptive infrastructure that facilitates project deliverables while working to meet agreed-upon milestones.
-Program Management: Working with project teams to help to identify & address risks/issues/dependencies that allow us to facilitate delivery of the NGSIS initiatives in the Academic & Life Experience, Student Records, Student Finances, Curriculum Design & Development and Planning & Analytics streams.

Where did you study?
University of Toronto ~ I graduated from the Faculty of Applied Science’s Engineering Science Program, specializing in Computer Science / Communications engineering.

How are you feeling about your first two weeks on the job?
I’m feeling quite optimistic.  I’m really enjoying working with my project teams and stakeholders and contributing to the project work already underway, here. The team has been very welcoming, sharing their own ‘newbie’ experiences with me and helping me to feel very much at home.

Share with us a few ideas, how you perceive the university environment, any thoughts of optimism?
From a professional standpoint, many facets of this position, itself, may seem to be daunting. Despite this, my colleagues have helped me to feel confident that I’ll meet these opportunities as part of a strong and compassionate team, which is, in itself, very reassuring. After graduation, I’d returned to the university several times to volunteer with and help out student groups that interested me. This served to expose me to many  different sides of the university that I’d never been able to see and enjoy as an engineering student. Lastly,  I approached this job as an opportunity to contribute to my school in a professional aspect, while still being able to share in the wonderful culture that I’d been able to discover over the past several years and what I’ve seen so far is definitely cause for optimism.