Staff Profile: Michael Moncada

As part of an ongoing series, we’ve reached out to contributing members of the NGSIS program and asked them to share some insights into their current involvement, career path, areas of professional expertise and personal interests that they bring to NGSIS projects.



Michael Moncada


Current Project:

ACORN. I am working with an amazing team to build U of T’s next generation student information services – services that will address the current and future needs of the student population. This demographic is extremely dynamic and diverse – they expect great experiences when using technology (often in a mobile context) and we are working to raise the bar in that area.


Career Path:

Throughout my career I have worked with some inspirational, highly talented individuals across the University of Toronto. I started with Computer Science TAships as a student at UTSC (eventually transforming into a development gig). From there I ventured into the corporate world for a bit and then moved to OISE into the role of a Senior Developer and worked with some pretty cool researchers there. Thus, I finally landed at my current job in EASI. Mobile applications were something I became interested in when the iPhone came out. I was always into amateur game development since I was 12 so I thought it was the perfect computing device to create some cool immersive experiences using the onboard sensors found in todays smart phones.


Expert at:

I am a non-official expert at technical tinkering, and learning (not always technical) – I do a lot of reading and consuming of audio books. I also like imparting acquired knowledge to others through public speaking events when possible. I am at a point in my career where I feel it is important to give back to the community.


Off the clock:

Game development is something I have always found challenging as both a developer and as a designer. The fusion of math, physics, UI design and art really challenges my abilities leading to higher plateaus of geekiness. Currently the games are only prototypes in 2D, but I hope to venture into the wacky world of 3D soon. I also just recently started back into my Masters where I hope to build a mobile-based 3D immersive environment to help people learn and experiment with different aspects of science – Minecraft is the inspiration there.