Project updates and a look ahead

The end of 2014 was productive for NGSIS as we released two key updates prior to the holiday break:

Transfer Explorer

In collaboration with the Centre for International Experience, we enhanced Transfer Explorer to include courses taken while on exchange. Transfer Explorer now shows student users and student services staff how courses taken abroad will transfer for credit at U of T. We see this as a great exploration opportunity for students planning to study abroad with CIE’s exchange program.


Over summer 2015, the Emarks user interface was redesigned to address numerous usability and navigation issues. Additional workflow and course attributes were also added to accommodate the School of Graduate Studies graduate courses. Following a very successful pilot with four graduate departments during the summer, Emarks is now available and in use by the vast majority of graduate units across the University.
Looking ahead in 2015…

2015 is promising to be another big year for NGSIS. In the short-term, we will be releasing enhancements to Degree Explorer to include course plan submissions for Applied Science students. This is will enhance the Degree Explorer experience for both students and staff and increase the connection between Degree Explorer and course enrolment. Additionally, advising reports will be built in for Arts and Science staff to help support student program progression.

By mid 2015, we will see the first production release for the ACORN project and plenty of work around student accounts, student finances, business intelligence and curriculum management.